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NO ESTAMOS LOCOS (We are not crazy) is the first original artwork of the New 2024 Collection "La Música de mi Vida" (The Music of my Life). Each artwork will be an homage to the soundtrack of my life growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


And the song goes a bit like this "We are not crazy; we know what we want. Live your life as if it's a dream, that never ends. That gets lost with time, however I will always keep searching, searching and searching." KETAMA


This piece has been drawn on canvases and thousands of dots individually painted to create the outline of each shape. 


Dimensions: 48x36 inches
Collection: Música de mi Vida

Acrylic/Paper Tape / Latex on Canvas

Canyon Lake, TX - 2024

NO ESTAMOS LOCOS (We are not crazy)

  • We don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations

    But please email at  if you have any problems with your order.


    302 Pearl Parkway Unit#104

    San Antonio, TX 78215

    (210) 908-9144

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