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Born and raised in Argentina, Analia Voss’ affinity for art and design was rooted in her early memories of living in Buenos Aires, a city regarded as the Paris of South America for both its cosmopolitan culture and sophisticated old world style. Following a stint in law school at the University of Buenos Aires, and with the support of her family, Voss moved to the United States in 2003 and since then has pursued her love for art and design. Inspired by her beloved trips to Colorado, her debut collection “Odisea de Oro” (Odyssey of Gold) continues the long, historic tradition of painting “between the lines”… such a simple act, learned since infancy, but many times proven to be so complex. Her elegant color palette tells the story of the odyssey of the journey through life to find “our gold”. Taking a mathematical approach to applying each geometric design, each piece is painstakingly divided, mapped out to highlight their tapering forms, hand painted and finally carefully taped resulting in a contemporary take on the much loved southwestern style. Analia Voss, 10 times IRONMAN finisher, now works from her studio in Canyon Lake, TX where she lives with her husband Ralph and her two adorable dogs, Levi and Lucky.

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